Alayza Mont was the female District Eight Tribute in the 24th Hunger Games.


Alayza trying not to wrinkle her nose

Background Edit

Alazya was unliked in her District due to her brash and insulting personality. She was also suspected of various petty crimes, which she vigorously denied despite significant evidence. She was thirteen when she was Reaped.

Games Description Edit

Alayza ran fearlessly into the Bloodbath, grabbing a backpack and a coil of rope. She seized a spear and stabbed the nearest Career, Thompson Kirstein, fatally. As she attempted to use the spear as a pole to vault over the Cornucopia, she was stabbed in the back of the head by Venus Lorieta.

Placing Edit


Personality Edit

Alayza came from a rough part of the District, and this gave her an inflated sense of her toughness. She was very rude and enjoyed insulting passersby. She was, in general, an off-putting and unlikeable person.