Amazon Stonn is the Victor of the 37th Hunger Games.


Amazon in her ceremonial Peacekeeper uniform

Games Description Edit

Arena: Desert

Amazon volunteered for the Games in order to prove she was the strongest. She charged into the Bloodbath with great fervor, killing three Tributes before the cannons started. Her Academy training, though lax in certain less glamorous areas, left her popular enough to secure a constant supply of water from sponsors. That kept her strong enough to continue killing, which she did.

While she was trained to kill and enjoyed it, Amazon was reluctant to kill fellow Careers, considering them part of her team. Luckily, she didn't have to. She split from the pack as the breakup grew nearer. Nearly all the Careers were killed in that fight, and the survivor was killed by a particularly strong outlying Tribute. Amazon mopped up the rest, bringing her kill total to five.

Personality Edit

Amazon is a soldier through and through. She gives no consideration to compassion or cowardice. She considers orders from superiors more important than her own opinions and killed in the Arena because that is what people from Two are trained to do. She suffered no damage from the Games and enjoys the satisfaction she got from winning more than any prize.

Amazon served as a mentor the year after her Games, but she dislikes the showmanship and bravado most volunteers exhibit. She considers it immature and beside the point. As a result, she prefers to pass mentoring duties to more eager volunteers and spend her time training cadets at the Peacekeeper Academy, which she considers much more efficient and practical. She has come to think that she perhaps should have been a Peacekeeper instead of a volunteer, and she tried to enlist, only to be told she would do more good as a ceremonial figure and consultant.

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Talent Edit

Baton twirling

Trivia Edit

  • Although she is not allowed to officially become a Peacekeeper, Amazon holds the rank of Honorary Captain.