Ardun Majami was the male District 12 Tribute for the 25th Hunger Games.


Ardun a year before being Reaped

Early Life Edit

Ardun began his time as a Tribute with even worse luck than most of his competitors. In the voting-based Quarter Quell, he was picked solely because the votes were scattered between people trying to vote for someone no one else voted for. In the mix, Ardun ended up with the most votes.

Games Edit

Arena: Bombed-out wasteland

Ardun allied with Dahlia Rowan, who saw him only as a tool to be sacrificed whenever necessary. Her plan fell short when they both died in the Bloodbath. Ardun was killed in the first minutes of the game by Dath Zacheriah.

Placing Edit


Personality Edit

Ardun was an unassuming, eager to please boy. He did nothing to deserve being voted into the Games other than some petty pickpocketing, which was not noticed by enough villagers to affect the votes. Ardun had no ambitions in life and, had he not been voted into the Games, would have most likely lived an average life.

Trivia Edit

  • Ardun had no token, since noody visited him in the Justice Hall.
  • Thus far, Ardun has appeared in no Resurrection Games.