Astra Quill was the female District Six Tribute of the 24th Hunger Games.


Astra peeks shyly at the camera

Background Edit

Astra lived a normal life in Six with her parents before being Reaped at the age of 15.

Games Description Edit

Astra did not attempt to take anything in the Bloodbath. She took shelter in the tangled roots of a mangrove tree. She received some food from a sponsor early on, but was forced to drink unclean water straight from the Arena. This gave her an ongoing case of dysentery. She did receive one sponsored bottle of clean water from money raised by her parents, which alleviated the symptoms. She was recovering nicely until she was found and killed by Venus Lorieta.

Placing Edit


Personality Edit

Astra didn't make friends easily or trust people quickly. She was skilled at excusing herself from social functions or awkward situations. She was also a technology lover who enjoyed learning anything she could about the mechanics of the world outside her District.

Trivia Edit

  • Astra was known for her terrible short-term memory and the messages she often wrote on her hand to combat it.