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Azure Doyle is the Victor of the 19th Hunger Games

Games Description Edit

Arena: Village of mud huts

The night before the Games, Azure had an attack of self-doubt. He second-guessed his decision to train and wished he'd never started classes at the Academy. As the timer counted down, however, adrenaline pushed the doubts aside and he sprang into action at the Bloodbath. His preferred weapon was throwing knives, and he killed two Tributes at the Bloodbath. He joined the Careers on their hunts as they searched for other Tributes, and he was successful in killing another that night. The hunts continued until the pack fractured under interpersonal stress and broke on the eight day. Azure was the first to start fighting and killed the boy from Four and the girl from Two. Two of the other Careers were killed in the fight and Azure did not chase the one who escaped, since she was fatally wounded. After another week of searching for the few scattered survivors, Azure killed the last straggler from afar and became a Victor.

Personality Edit

Before the Games, Azure was his parents' golden child. They lavished him with affection and gifts, and he felt like royalty from a young age. They wanted him to be a celebrity, but he felt that the most glory came from volunteering.

Azure was not bothered at all by his activities in the Games. He believes that humans are naturally aggressive and that anyone, if given the chance, would kill just to see what it was like. He considers himself a product of nature, not a monster.

Post-Games, Azure turned his focus to the Academy. He is one of the most regular instructors and demonstraters and donates a hefty sum to the Academy each month, resulting in the gymnasium being named in his honor.

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Tap Dance

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