Backstory Edit

Bailey grew up in the same house her whole life, and has a pretty normal family. She volunteers at a stable near her house, and finally convinced her parents to let her own one of the horses, Quicksilver. She races horses competitively to make money for her family, but secretly just loves taking Quicksilver out into the fields and exploring. Due to racing horseback, she has muscular legs and strong abs.

Games Overview Edit

This year's games were Survivor-themed, so there was no killing done between the tributes. Bailey took the "don't get noticed" strategy, and it worked good for her until people found out what she was up to.

At the beginning of the games, she made an alliance with Hannah Dandelion, and they worked together well. After the merge, they stayed together and nobody really joined the alliance.

When Rahina surprised everyone and won an immunity challenge, Bailey took the fall. The plan was to get Rahina out, but with her winning someone else had to go. She reached out to others and her plan was to split the votes between Sherman and Deme, but was blindsided and entered the deathmatch with Sherman.

After an hour and fifteen minutes of hanging on bars, Bailey's grip loosed and she fell into the water to be devoured by a shark.

Personality Edit

She's adventurous, and likes to explore. She's usually happy, and really humble. Oh and she HATES the 10 stereotype, because nobody she knows has ever said "yee-haw" or has that accent. She doesn't usually give up when faced a challenge. She gets attached to things easily, and isn't used to change. 

Token Edit

Bailey brought her horse, Quicksilver's, blanket into the games as her luxury item.

Pre-Games Edit

Chariot Ride: Edit

In the chariot parade, Bailey was dressed as a jockey, and her district partner, Gael, was the horse. Nothing dirty about that AT ALL. ;)

Training: Edit

Bailey didn't make alliances until the games started, so during training she focused on puzzles and upper body strength.

Private Session: Edit

Bailey showed the game makers her skills with obstacle courses and a puzzle at the end (which she sadly couldn't finish in the time given), getting an 8.

Arena Edit

The island that the tributes lived on was based off of Tonga, but we never learned the real name.

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