Beetee Latier is the Victor of the 33rd Hunger Games


Behold, it is Beetee

Games Description Edit

Arena: Mire

Beetee intended to stay with his District partner and design a machine to win the Games. This was interrupted by her death at the hands of the Careers, but Beetee carried on with the plan. He secured a coil of wire at the Bloodbath and waited until the crowd was thinned to make his move. When only six Tributes were left, he crawled atop the non-conducting Cornucopia and electrified the rest of the Arena, killing everyone else.

Personality Edit

Like many people from Three, Beetee is highly intelligent and less capable in subtle social communication. He enjoys talking about technology, but when forced to talk about other matters, he is nervous and easily flustered. He has also developed a nervous twitch from the constant danger of the Arena.

Due to his detachment from other people, Beetee was not severely affected by the Games. He dislikes the fame that come with victory, however, and prefers to stay in his house with his inventions and calculations.

Successful Mentorships Edit


Talent Edit

Video game design

Trivia Edit

  • Beetee was the first Victor to find out about the brewing second rebellion. Most were eventually told, but he found out on his own

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