Celeste Ligon was the female District Three Tribute for the First Quarter Quell.


Celeste testing a new seat belt

Pre-Games Life Edit

Celeste was something of a pariah in Three because she lacked technological skills. Despite this, she was generally well-treated by her peers and lived a happy life until the Quell. She was voted into the Games because there were no truly reprehensible girls. She was fourteen years old.

Games Description Edit

Arena: War-Torn Wasteland

Despite her young age, small size, and lack of skills, Celeste escaped the Bloodbath. She kept moving until night fell. When the hellhounds were released, Celeste had nowhere to go and was hunted down and killed.

Placing Edit


Personality Edit

Celeste was a soft-spoken, polite girl. She was aware of her lack of skills and was self-conscious about it, considering herself "dumb" due to the culture of Three. In reality she was more intelligent than she thought, just not in the specialty of her District.

Trivia Edit

  • Celeste trained in edible plants and shelter-making, a rarity for Three Tributes.

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