Daniel Mondins was the male District Five Tribute for the 24th Hunger Games.


Daniel in his Arena outfit

Background Edit

Daniel and his little sister Sarla lived a normal life in Five with their parents. Though their parents provided for them, their parental duties consisted mainly of providing food and shelter, and the children rarely received any affection. As a result, Daniel became Sarla's comforter and protector. When she was Reaped, he volunteered to join her.

Games Description Edit

Daniel never intended to win the Games. His mission was to protect Sarla, and he succeeded admirably. When Venus Lorieta threw a knife at Sarla in the Bloodbath as she fled, Daniel intercepted the weapon, dying so Sarla could escape.

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First Resurrection Games Edit

Daniel was overcome with grief when he learned that Sarla had been killed in the 24th Games. He redoubled his mission to protect her. However, the large number of Tributes meant that he was placed far away from her at the Bloodbath. He was unable to reach her before Rapture Kai of District One broke her neck. He carried her lifeless body to a house and tried in vain to revive her with CPR.

After her death, Daniel's spirit was broken. He wandered the Arena aimlessly until he found Sarla's killer. He attacked Rapture with a sword, knowing he couldn't defeat him and wanting only to join Sarla. He got his wish.

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Non-Careers Resurrection Games Edit

Daniel's mental state suffered from the repeated cloning process, and he had difficulty remembering if Sarla had died. Sarla, knowing she would have to be stronger, told him it was a dream and not to worry about her. When the Bloodbath came, he stayed true to his nature and died protecting her from a nightflyer mutt.

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Personality Edit

The stress of emotionally absent parents prematurely aged Daniel. He became responsible and serious, and he rarely thought of his own future or dreams. His first priority was to ensure his sister retained the innocence he had lost.