Also Doris training at the Academy

Doris Jones

Doris training at the Academy

Doris Jones was the Victor of the 8th Hunger Games

Games Description Edit

Arena: Deciduous forest

Unlike Makarios and Quora, Doris used a practical strategy in her Games. Recognizing the need for Capitol support, she focused on gaining sponsors during her time in the Games Center. She eschewed cumbersome weapons in favor of small, portable knives and learned plant identification and shelter making, subjects neglected in the Academy.

At the Bloodbath, Doris and her Academy-trained District partner split off to kill a total of eight Tributes. They killed two more the first night. The next day, as they were trying to kill the girl from Three, the girl got off a lucky shot with her bow and Doris' ally died of shock, saving Doris the eventual trouble. After killing all but one of the others, Doris spent four days in a cat-and-mouse game with a particularly elusive boy from Nine. When she finally found him, Doris easily gained Victory.

Personality Edit

Among the Careers, Doris is well-grounded. She knows that it takes a team to make a Career and does not hesitate to give her benefactors credit. She emphasizes this to her mentees. reminding them that winning the Games takes many different factors. Knowing that her Tributes are already trained, she often advises them to focus on gaining sponsors and reminds them that she would have starved without the food her own sponsors sent. She is more aware than most Careers that the Capitol makes or breaks many Tributes and she strongly encourages her charges to curry favor with those in power.

After her Victory, Doris set up shop at the Academy teaching a survival and foraging class. Her class is often overlooked and sparsely attended, which annoys her.

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Megara Wesson

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Trivia Edit

  • Doris is obscure among Two Victors due to her less showy performance