Drone enjoying a sport before he was Reaped

Drone Othmar is the Victor of the 17th Hunger Games

Games Description Edit

Arena: Mud

Despite being a star athlete in his town, Drone was fearful of the Games and fled the Cornucopia without grabbing anything. The knee-high mud made it easy for the Careers to attack the fleeing Tributes, and ten died in the Bloodbath. Drone escaped by diving under the mud and pushing through it like a fish.

Water was plentiful, but Drone had no food for the next three days. He was terrified and paranoid, believing he would die at any minute. He held out no hope of victory and wallowed in mud and despair.

On his third day in the Arena, another boy found Drone. The other boy, who was much younger than Drone, had seen Drone in the Games Center and came to idolize his athletic skills. He crawled closer to Drone and held out a parachute containing corn cakes. Drone panicked at the noise his voice made and pleaded with him to keep quiet. The boy misunderstood and came closer to console Drone. Overcome with fear, Drone shoved the boy under the mud in an effort to keep him quiet. The boy naturally began to cry out, causing Drone to panic more. When the boy bobbed limply in the mud, Drone realized he had unintentionally killed him. He was filled with guilt and crept through the mud until the last Career died of blood loss after killing the last remaining non-Career.

Personality Edit

Drone is a very solitary Career, and little is known about him. His mentees describe him as quiet, wise, and distant. This distance is because Drone considers himself a murderer and does not want to taint his charges. He does his job quietly and returns home as soon as possible.

Post-Games, Drone has faded into obscurity. He no longer plays sports regularly and sends most of his pension to the poor of Eight anonymously.

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