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Estrella Vasquez is the Victor of the 9th Hunger Games

Games Description Edit

Arena: Playground

Estrella and her District partner did not tell anyone they were trained. Their plan was to ally and surprise the pair from Two at the Bloodbath. The plan was successful and both rival Careers were taken out, starting a decades-long feud with Two. The other Tributes scattered as Estrella and her partner battled the Two Tributes, leaving the Bloodbath small but momentuous.

Two days after the Bloodbath, Estrella and her ally's victory was dampened by another surprise attack. Four of the outlying Tributes had formed an alliance against the emerging Careers, and they managed to wound Estrella and her partner before one was killed and the other was driven off. After healing with the aid of sponsors, the pair set out for revenge. Estrella killed two of the enemies with her arrows and her partner killed the survivor.

The Games slowed after that, since it was difficult to find the others among the many hiding places in the Arena. Most of the remaining Tributes were killed by tracker jackers nesting in the playground equipment. Estrella and her partner were hunting the last survivor when they heard his cannon. Estrella, who was standing a few feet to the side of her ally at the time, quickly shot him before he could decide how to react to being left with only his District partner.

Personality Edit

Estrella is well known for being extremely vain. She was aware that pretty people get more support and she played that for all it was worth. She retains this trait even out of the Arena and is among the few Victors that prefers her altered body to her old one. She revels in the indulgent culture of one and surrounds herself with beautiful things and beautiful people.

Post-Games, Estrella taught at the Academy when she felt like it and enjoyed a succession of sugar babies whom she preferred to wear bedazzled pants and no shirts. This ended when she met Hyden Hawkins, the prettiest man she had ever seen. He was already a promising student, but with such alluring motivation, he couldn't lose.

Despite her preference for luxury, Estrella enjoyed training and fighting in the Arena. It was the most exciting time in her life and she lives vicariously through her mentees. The years have not dulled her thirst for excitement or her loyalty to the Capitol.

Successful Mentorships Edit

Hyden Hawkins

Peridot Clarity

Talent Edit


Trivia Edit

  • Estrella is the first Tribute to kill her District partner and is considered to be one of the most vicious and dedicated Victors
  • Together, Estrella and Hyden are called "The Deadly Lovers"
  • Before the Games, Estrella had her eyes colored pale blue in order to be more beautiful. She also keeps her hair dyed blonde.
  • Estrella was the first Victor to use a bow and arrows.