Ever Fellows was the female District Three Tribute for the 24th Hunger Games.

Ever Fellows

Ever in the Arena

Background Edit

Ever lived with her parents and her little sister Eire. She was a devoted older sister and spent her free time apart from Eire throwing knives at a stump just in case she was ever Reaped.

Games Description Edit

Despite her predilection for throwing knives, Ever was not willing to risk the Careers' wrath to get her weapon. She instead took a pack and a fishing pole and spent the first few days catching fish and purifying water. She also fashioned a spear with the fishhooks in her fishing kit, and she used it to kill Spencer Wire in self-defense when he mistook a burst of birds as an attack on Ever's part.

In the final five, Ever was attacked by Venus Lorieta. Ever stabbed Venus' cheek with her spear, lacerating it, but Venus pressed on and knifed Ever to death.

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Non-Careers Resurrection Games Edit

Ever was overlooked for the first Resurrection Games out of simple absentmindedness, but she was present for the second one. She allied with River Summers and Junie Brett.

Ever's allies noticed a change in her previous reluctance to kill when she slew Gabriel Farad. It was unclear at the time whether or not she mistook him for a mutt, but the death caused the first signs of tension in the alliance. Junie immediately demanded an explanation, while River silently stood by.

A few days later, Ever threw a knife at River when the girl returned from gathering wood. She claimed to have made the same mistake as with Gabriel, but River rejected the explanation because she had been carrying firewood, which zombies do not do. River attacked Ever, headbutting her and stabbing her in the stomach. River then left to collect herself, leaving a gravely wounded Ever alone with Junie. Junie, who wanted to help other and had begun to suspect that Ever was on the other side, killed her ally with an overdose of painkillers.

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Personality Edit

Before the Games, Ever was a sometimes short-tempered but generally polite girl. She was a huge pushover for her little sister and often did ridiculous things to make Eire smile. Her personality endured throughout her first Games, but the extended length and sanity-testing environment of her second attempt wore on her. She developed into her alliance's dark girl, making the kills that were necessary but which her allies could not bring themselves to commit. This poisoned her self-respect and wore away at her morals until she came perilously close to becoming a villain. The circumstances, however, make it clear that she was only trying to survive in a cutthroat world.