Farlon usually smiled, but he always had a dangerous aura

Farlon Harlon was the male District Nine Tribute for the First Quarter Quell.

Pre-Games Life Edit

Farlon was chosen for the Games because of his involvement in the gangs of Nine. He was high-ranking for his age and served as a manager for his gang.

Games Overview Edit

Arena: War-torn wasteland

Farlon survived the Bloodbath and obtained an array of supplies. He took shelter in a hollow log, intending to wait until the violence died down before searching for water. The first night, he would found by the Careers, who stabbed his log until he fled out the other side, where Dante was hiding to stab him with a machete. He retreated back into the log, where he bled to death.

Placing Edit


Personality Edit

Despite his mob ties, Farlon was a friendly and caring person. He entered the business out of necessity and not enjoyment. He enjoyed playing with children and saved his mob money to care for his brother Nico in the event that something happened to him.

Relationships Edit

Levi Harlon Edit

Farlon's little brother, whom he cared for after they were orphaned. Farlon shielded Levi from the mob life and laid money away in case Levi was again deprived of his guardian.

Swin Harlon Edit

Farlon's uncle and official guardian. Swin didn't make any efforts to care for his charges and constantly tried to get his hands on Farlon's money, resulting in him hiding it. Swin forced Farlon to train in survival skills because of his job, which Farlon resented.

Mallow Edit

A little girl Levi's age. She greatly enjoyed the stories Farlon made up for her starring Princess Mallow.

Nico Edit

A little boy Levi's age. Farlon was working on a drawing for him when he was Reaped.

Parents Edit

Farlon's parents were murdered by a rival mobster when he was twelve. Farlon intended to avenge them if he ever met their killers.

Trivia Edit

  • Farlon could understand Morse code.
  • He was fond of Sterling Silver tea roses.