Ferrari Benz

Ferrari Benz placed 17th in the Forty-Second Hunger Games.

Games Description​Edit

Arena: Snowy Mountain

Ferrari ran straight into the Bloodbath, seeking items and thrills. She got a furry wrap, climbing spikes, peaut butter and a canteen. She promptly found the steepest path and climbed it, wanting to see the view. She made camp when dark came, wrapping herself in all of her gear and preparing to wait out the night. She planned to travel the next day, as she wanted to see the entire mountain.

The Career pack found Ferrari's ledge and tried to climb it. Ferrari put up a fight, throwing anything she could at the highest climber, Rhoda Hamilton. She kicked and fought, but it was a hopeless battle. However, Ferrari died spitefully. Rhoda expected an easy kill, but Ferrari threw herself off of the ledge, enjoying her entire free-fall.


Ferrari was a loud, excited thrill-seeker. She did anything she felt like doing without calculating danger or risk. She did virtually anything she wanted, being completely shameless and only seeking fun. Ferrari actually enjoyed going into the Games as she thought it was epic and fun. She died as she lived, seeking fun and adventure.


  • Ferrari was a drag racer back in Six
  • Ferrari was a race car driver for the Parade, but her request of a race car carriage was rejected
  • Ferrari almost took Rhoda with her, but Rhoda moved