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Backstory: Edit

Floki grew up in a family of fishermen, making nets, catching and selling fish and even repairing boats. His family believed in Norse mythology due to their Scandinavian roots and practiced their rituals. Due to this, his family was mocked and seen as outcasts. Floki spent almost all of his life being bullied and mocked for what he believed in but he refused to change. He wanted nothing more than to fit in with people but he always failed. He grew up having no friends other than his family, no room in his heart for people who didn't stand up for him or speak out.

Floki trained and volunteered for his first Games, wishing to enter Valhalla due to being a mighty warrior. He also would have been okay with victory, as he always wanted a wife and children.

The night before his reaping, his family sacrificed a chicken in order to give Floki luck in his future battles.

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