Hades Rodríguez was the District Seven Male during the 49th Annual Hunger Games. He was also the Victor of said Games.


Age: Edit

  • 49th Hunger Games-13

Background: Edit

Hades was born to a lower class family in District Seven. His father was a lumber yard worker and his mother worked in the Peacekeeper station (a place for Peacekeepers to sleep, eat and shower). Due to his parent's low pay, they were always working, forcing Hades' mother to take him to work with her.

Some Peacekeepers were nice to Hades and his mother's co-workers but some treated them like lesser beings. One nice Peacekeeper fueled Hades' love for animals. One day, when his mother was placed on Kitchen duty and Hades was playing up, a Peacekeeper gave Hades a small book on animals throughout Panem. Sent to the man from District Two, he saw no use so thought little Hades could find it more useful.

Reaping: Edit

Hades was reaped, no volunteers. He tried to be as brave as he could but struggled to keep calm in such a situation.

Chariots: Edit

Hades was a simple lumberjack during the Parade, like his father.

Victory: Edit

Hades did not kill a single Tribute during his Games. One of the very few to do so. He also became the youngest victor to date, winning at the age of Thirteen. He is also the third victor from District Seven, second male victor.

He hid under an overturned boat after the ship sank. He clung to the base of the boat, allowing it to drift along. The final two tributes died not long after each other, leaving Hades as the victor. Although Hades did not kill anyone, any longer and he would have died from hypothermia.

Life After The Games: Edit

Mentoring: Edit

Hades took over from Paul Olson, Victor of the 2nd Hunger Games. He started mentoring aged 14. The Tributes he has mentored are as followed.

Everyday Life: Edit

Personal Life: Edit

Trivia: Edit

-Hades is of Mexican descent.

-He and his father sometimes speak in broken Spanish, nothing like the current day variant of the language. More of a broken, chopped version.

-His mother loved Greek Mythology, hence why she named her child Hades (God of the Underworld). She liked the name. Her love for Greek Myth also passed onto her son.

-Hades won the Games with a little ship rat he named Bacchus after the God of Wine.