Harvey Willis was the male District Six Tribute for the 24th Hunger Games.

Harvey Willis

Caption left because it is accurate

Background Edit

Harvey was not well liked in his District. He had not committed any crimes, but he was known for his unpleasant personality. He was confident when Reaped.

Games Description Edit

Harvey skirted the Bloodbath, grabbing things near the edge without venturing in. He avoided the other Tributes but was soon treed by a crocodile mutt, who waited below his tree for the moment the boy moved. When Dane Varity startled Harvey by aiming a spear at him, Harvey stumbled off his branch and fell into the water. The crocodile instantly attacked and devoured him.

Placing Edit


Personality Edit

Harvey was disliked by all who knew him. He was ill-tempered and spent much of his time insulting those who crossed his path. He was arrogant and overconfident.

Trivia Edit

  • Harvey's favorite insult was "butthead"