Heidi Garrett was the District Nine female Tribute in the 24th Hunger Games.


At 15, Heidi looked much younger than she was

Background Edit

Heidi worked with her parents in the fields of District Nine. Her younger siblings Hattie and Jamie were too young to join them.

Games Description Edit

Instead of going into the Bloodbath, Heidi waited nearby and snuck supplies when the Careers were elsewhere. She remained in the area sniping supplies until well into the Games. She was also sponsored a small knife. She survived a close call with Venus because the Career neglected to look up into the tops of the trees.

When the Gamemakers set a fire in the Arena to force a fight between the Tributes, Heidi was trapped in a tree and died of smoke inhalation.

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First Resurrection Games Edit

Heidi joined the Amazons alliance and was part of a communal vow to take care of fallen ally Hadley Kinneth's family. She stayed with them throughout the Bloodbath and the first part of the Games. Due to the large amount of Tributes, the cameras were rarely focused on her until her death from malaria.

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Personality Edit

Heidi was a friendly, simple girl who enjoyed the homey pleasures of her District and family. In the Games she became sneaky and resourceful, but she never turned to killing.