Hosanna was the District 9 Female in the 43rd Hunger Games.

At home in District 9 she was a god-send to her family: a hard worker and a thoughtful helper. She spent hours every day at the back-breaking task of loading sacks of grain onto trains at the yard, food her district needed, to be shipped out to the Capitol and elsewhere. She always resented it more than she let on, and longed to leave her district. She never did, telling herself that trying would be imprudent, but deep down, she always knew the real reason was that she was afraid.

Not long before the Reaping, she saw a man and woman shot and killed for attempting to stow away on one of the trains. And she couldn't help but thank her cowardice.

Games Description Edit

In the Capitol, Hosanna was stripped of the things she valued. Her modesty was violated in a ridiculously revealing parade costume, and her token (a small, wood-cased pocketknife) was destroyed by the gamemakers.

She was determined from the beginning to win. She learned all she could and gathered a strong alliance, knowing all along that she wouldn't hesitate to betray them. Things took their first bad turn when both her allies were killed in the bloodbath. Hosanna had supplies, but was deeply shaken.

When District 8 Female Brenna Segale lost her ally, the two met up collecting water - though in the candy arena it was really soda - and became allies.

That night, in the lollipop forest, District 1 male Icarus Aguilar found the two girls and attacked.

Hosanna had always been planning to betray her ally when the time was right. Before that time was even near, Icarus' sword was through her stomach. With death now the only ending, Hosanna decided to make it heroic. She launched herself at her attacker's ankle, bit into his leg, and held on until his flailing sword ended her life.

She delayed him only a short time, but Brenna could run a long way in thirty seconds.

Personality Edit

A woman of few words, Hosanna was content to keep most of her thoughts to herself. She was observant, and emotional, though rarely articulating her feelings. She hated strongly and loved strongly, there was hardly ever an in between.

Trivia Edit

  • Hosanna liked a boy named Janus, but wasn't concerned about romance, because of the specter of the Reapings that would overhang any relationship.

    A District 9 grain train, like the ones Hosanna worked loading.

  • In the Private Sessions Hosanna scored highly for an unconventional display: she acted out befriending and betraying dummies, sneak attacks, and other tactics that showed she was willing to fight dirty.
  • Hosanna's token was a pocket knife with a carved casing. The gamemakers ripped out all the attachments and left her with an empty case, arguing that the knife was a weapon.
  • Both Hosanna's allies died in the bloodbath.
  • Hosanna saw a couple executed for trying to leave the district.

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