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Hyden Hawkins is the Victor of the 11th Hunger Games

Games Description Edit

Arena: Jewel-toned rainforest

Hyden went into the Games intending to set a kill record. With his weapon of throwing knives, he eliminated four Tributes at the Bloodbath, including the boy from Two. Hyden and his District partner were not allies, since they both knew Estrella favored Hyden and would advise him to kill his partner (which he did).

While the forest was beautiful, edible plants were scant. This played right into Hyden's plan to use bird calls to lure Tributes closer. He roamed the forest calling for Tributes and killing them as soon as they came close. He ran into little trouble, largely because the Capitol favored him and definitely did not want a repeat of the previous Games, where there was no Career action. No mutts or disasters came Hyden's way and he easily cleared out the Arena, achieving his kill-record goal and returning to his mentor and eventual lover Estrella.

Personality Edit

Hyden is the Capitol's idea of a perfect Victor. He is loyal to the Capitol and endlessly praises them for giving him the opportunity to fight in the Games and meet Estrella. He is cocky, arrogant, immature, peacockish, and generally perfect for the Capitol. He was completely unaffected by his time in the Arena and never thinks back to the people he killed other than to praise himself for being so effective.

Post-Games, Hyden has enjoyed the fame and adoration that comes with being a Victor. He enjoys giving demonstrations and making speeches at the Academy, singing autographs, and going to the Capitol unnecessarily so he can be noticed by celebrity chasers. He also enjoys the company of Estrella Vasquez. The pair began a relationship while Estrella was still his mentor and halfheartedly hid it until Hyden was back from the Arena.

Successful Mentorships Edit

Azure Doyle

Talent Edit


Trivia Edit

  • Together, Estrella and Hyden are called "The Deadly Lovers"
  • Hyden's record of seven kills still stands