Jean Roberts was the male District Ten Tribute for the 24th Hunger Games.


Jean looking gloomy

Background Edit

Jean lived with his parents and five siblings. He was the main breadwinner of the children and worked double shifts so his brothers would not have to take tesserae.

Games Description Edit

As the countdown progressed, Jean was overcome with emotion at the thought of the impending deaths and screamed on his platform. He did not fight anyone or grab anything when the Bloodbath began.

Jean was surprised when he got a sponsor package and wished that his benefactor had spent the money on his partner Bree. He received food, water, and a knife, which he refused to use. He considered his mission to be to commemorate the fallen, not to add to them.

After triggering Hailey Falkenrath's snare, Jean was struck by her knife before killing her accidentally. He bled out and died shortly after receiving a note from his mentor stating that she would remember him.

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Personality Edit

Before the Games, Jean suffered from arrogance and an easily-provoked temper. After an incident in the Capitol where he was injured by Thompson Kirstein, Jean realized the fragility of his life and lost his confident attitude. After that, he was penitent and mournful for those who were lost.

Trivia Edit

  • Despite his initial contempt, Jean developed a close relationship with mentor Cornflower Fields, and she created a Book of the Dead to continue his mission.