Jeanie Clay is a tribute in the 44th Hunger Games.

Prior to the Reaping, she lived in District 9 with her parents and twin sisters. When she signed up for tesserae at age twelve, she saw a skylight high in the Justice Building. Returning at night, she climbed to the roof and broke in, discovering a dusty world of forbidden books. She returns whenever she can, filling her mind with heroes and villains, tragedies and triumphs.

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Personality Edit

Jeanie has a gift for words and can turn it to both the good and the bad. If she wants to, she can inspire, or she can shred a person's self-esteem. She is not afraid to speak her mind, and fears that one day her sharp tongue may run away with her.

Her extensive vocabulary and thoughtful prose comes from her love of books and reading, which fill her with a wild, untamable joy. Aloof from most others in her extensive knowledge, she treasures the friend she does have.


  • Her best friend Augustus loves birds. She once stole a field-guide from the library in the Justice Building.
  • She has never been in a romantic relationship, preferring to guard her heart and avoid all the drama.
  • Her token is a carved meadowlark.

    The carved wooden lark Jeanie carries as her token.