Jerky McJerkface is the Victor of the 26th Hunger Games.


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Games Description Edit

Arena: Forest

While his allies were picking off the competition in the Bloodbath, Jerky had other plans. He selected an outlier boy and informed him that he was now his servant. The boy served as cook and maid until the Career pack broke up and Jerky killed him, along with the only remaining Career. Jerky favored the bow and arrow, knowing that Career code dictated such a weapon not be used against fellow Careers due to the dishonest nature of ranged weapons against bladed weapons. After these first two kills, there was only one Tribute remaining. The boy was an outlier who was already weak from lack of food. Jerky, well-fed and wielding a bow, easily killed him.

Personality Edit

Nothing positive can be said about Jerky McJerkface. He is entitled, arrogant, uncouth, obnoxious, self-centered, vain, uncaring, odious, and rude. He is a poor sport and has learned nothing from his time in the Arena. Even many Careers find him distasteful, but luckily for him, he is too egocentric to know it.

Successful Mentorships Edit


Talent Edit

Stand-up comedy

Trivia Edit

  • Jerky's comedy is notoriously poor, so much so that he has never been asked to exhibit it after his first performance. He fancies himself an insult comic but lacks both the finesse and the brainpower.
  • Jerky was fully aware Ember had a crush on him. Of course, he thinks everyone has a crush on him, but this time he was right. If given the chance, he would have accepted her advances, despite the dubious age gap.