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This is a wiki for everyone involved in my stories. Some people are already working on similar projects, but I just write at a pace where it's not reasonable for most people to keep up with a website, so I'm making this to provide them with content.

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Here is a place for information on everything pertaining to my SYOT universe. I will be adding Victors, Arenas, mentors, escorts, and every fallen Tribute, plus much more. So this is going to take a while, but I'm sure I will have lots of help.

Pages don't have to look like the ones I made. I just made those while I was waiting for other people. I'll probably change them all the time anyway.


List of Games Edit

The various Hunger Games in the LCS Universe.

List of Tributes Edit

A comprehensive list of every tribute who has participated in every Games in the LCS Universe.

List of Victors Edit

The Victors in the LCS Universe.

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