Lena at 14, three years before she was Reaped (I couldn't figure out how to crop it)


Lena after years of morphling abuse

Lena is the Victor of the 16th Hunger Games.

Games Description Edit

The 16th Hunger Games was largely conventional, but Lena did not partake in most of it. She ran from the Cornucopia, only looking back to see blood on the smooth gray stone of the Arena. She kept running until she found a river. Kneeling next to it, she ran her hands through the mud. She smeared it across herself and used the natural materials around her to camouflage herself. She expected to be killed before the day ended, but her skills were so great she was invisible to the other Tributes. She remained by the creek in the same spot as the Careers killed the others and finally turned on each other. She won three days later when the final Career succumbed to blood loss.

Personality Edit

Before the Games, Lena lived with a father who only paid attention to her when he was abusing her and a mother too preoccupied with keeping him happy to care for her daughter. Lena learned to hide and disappear at an early age. When her father died of cirrhosis when Lena was fourteen, she lapsed into selective mutism, feeling she was to blame for his death and did not deserve to speak.

Lena hated the attention that came with victory and did everything she could to fade into the background. As soon as the crowds stopped mobbing her, she slipped away to the Victor's Village. She did not feel deserving of such a lavish house, but Toby convinced her to stay. Despite his efforts to care for her, she quickly turned to morphling in an attempt to fade away from the world. She welcomed Toby when he eventually followed her.

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Trivia Edit

  • Few people know Lena's last name. It is on Gamemaker records, but it is unclear if Lena herself remembers it.
  • Art is Lena's only connection to the world and the only place she does not feel unworthy. She prefers swirling patterns and diverse colors.
  • Lena suffers from selective mutism and very rarely speaks.