This is a comprehensive list of all Victors in the LCS Universe.

An asterisk indicates that the tribute is a Career.

Conventional Games: Edit

1st Games: Orchard Angelou , District Eleven (age 18)

2nd Games: Paul Olson , District Seven (age 16)

3rd Games: Page Milani, District Eight (age 17)

4th Games: Sequoia Wilson, District Seven (age 18)

5th Games: Jonah Breaker, District Four (age 16)

6th Games: Makarios Komenus*, District Two (age 18)

7th Games: Quora Liebniz*, District Two (age 18)

8th Games: Doris Jones*, District Two (age 18)

9th Games: Estrella Vasquez*, District One (age 18)

10th Games: Toby Cash, District Six (age 15)

11th Games: Hyden Hawkins*, District One (age 18)

12th Games: Mars Ingalls, District Eleven (age 17)

13th Games: Mags Cohen, District Four (age unknown)

14th Games: Woof , District Eight (age 14)

15th Games: Acee Hal , District Three (age 15)

16th Games: Lena , District Six (age 17)

17th Games: Drone Othmar , District Eight (age 18)

18th Games: Shelle McDan *, District Four (age 18)

19th Games: Azure Doyle *, District One (age 18)

20th Games: Peridot Clarity *, District One (age 18)

21st Games: Crag Steiner *, District Two (age 18)

22nd Games: Soleil Pere , District Five (age 15)

23rd Games: Cornflower Fields, District Ten (age 17)

24th Games: Peppermint Wilson, District Eleven (age 15)

25th Games: Erwin Jackson, District Five (age 18)

26th Games: Jerky McJerkface*, District One (age 18)

27th Games: Megara Wesson*, District Two (age 18)

28th Games: Pray Jager*, District Two (age 15)

29th Games: Rudolph Shmits, District Seven (age 16)

30th Games: Tillo Peters, District Eight (age 16)

31st Games: Seeder Graze, District Eleven (age 17)

32nd Games: Sky Levings, District Five (age 17)

33rd Games: Beetee Latier, District Three (age 18)

34th Games: Unknown

35th Games: Bambi Kirkland, District Ten (age 18)

36th Games: Wiress, District Three (age unknown)

37th Games: Amazon Stonn*, District Two (age 18)

38th Games: Porter Millicent Tripp, District Five (age unknown)

39th Games: Nubu Sanders, District Twelve (age 18)

40th Games: Careen Ellis*, District Four (age 18)

41st Games: Unknown

42nd Games: Shane Donegal*, District Four (age 18)

43rd Games: Blake Armani*, District One (age 18)

44th Games: Nassor Doyle, District Nine (age 17)

45th Games: Brutus*, District Two (age unknown)

46th Games: Chaff, District Eleven (age unknown)

47th Games: Lancia Audren, District Six (age 18)

48th Games: Swarovski "Ravi" Waterford, District One (age unknown)

49th Games: Hades Rodríguez, District Seven (age 13)

Non-Conventional Games: Edit

1st Resurrection Games: Kazuo Braun*, District One (age 18)

2nd Resurrection Games (Careers): Avariella Hanson*, District Two (age 15)

3rd Resurrection Games (Non-Careers): Frankie Disney, District Eleven (age 18)

Birthday Games: Calvary Warsaw, District Ten (age 17)

Patriot Games: Rhoda Hamilton*, District One (age 18)

Politician Games: Vera Busattil*, District Four