Lucius Petrol was the District 6 Male in the 42nd Hunger Games. He was a hard worker and unafraid to aim high, setting his sights on becoming a hover-craft pilot. He was in training and on track to make it before the Reaping stepped in and stole his chances.

Games Description Edit

In pre-Games Lucius put up with his mentor, Toby, as best he could, but the man was one of the infamous morphlings and offered little help.

His stylist was not great either, and he ended up lost in the crowd as a simple train steward during the parade. Once the whole pilot thing got out, though, he was inevitably in a bomber jacket for the interviews.

On the hovercraft ride to the arena location the right thruster malfunctioned and the craft lurched a bit before righting itself. Lucius watched excitedly as the pilots flew, and assisted the other tributes in assuming crash positions, just in case.

In the arena, he was allied with District 11 Male Kuma Swain. The two went into the bloodbath for supplies to help them survive the harsh, icy mountain. Once safe from the careers, Lucius expressed his resolve to survive, deciding to fight and kill to get home even if his only weapon was the small multi-tool the two got from the cornucopia.

High up on the mountain, they managed to avoid drama for several days, before Kuma fell into a crevasse while they were moving camp. Lucius managed to catch his falling ally, anchor his feet in the snow, and drag him to safety.

Having reached the final twelve as the other tributes killed each other, the two were eventually targeted by career Tuesday Erelle. The rolled a boulder down on her, triggering an avalanche which buried and suffocated her.

Days later, only the boys and two careers were left. District 1 Female Rhoda Hamilton caught them out on a ledge. A startled Kuma backed into Lucius and sent him plummeting down. He got to fly after all.

Earlier in the Games, the two had discussed the possibility of dying. Half-joking, Lucius had suggested cremation and being shot out of a firework. When his body was returned to District 6, the citizens showed him the last kindness they could and fulfilled his wish. He lit up the sky like fire.

Personality Edit

Lucius was fiery and tough about everything, with a light in his eye and a spring in his step. He was always determined to go far and not let his circumstances define him. He finds meaning through taking action.

Trivia Edit

  • He was training to be a pilot before the Games.

    The small plane pin (a Boeing B-29 Superfortress) that Lucius carried as his token in the arena.

  • His token was a small silver pin of a very old plane, lost to history.