Megara Wesson is the Victor of the 27th Hunger Games.


Megara wearing her usual expression

Games Description Edit

Arena: Scratchy grassland

Megara threw herself into the Bloodbath with great enthusiasm, killing one Tribute and helping the Careers chase the others. She killed two more that night, her hunt made easier by the grass that was too short to provide cover to any but the smallest Tributes. Their screams echoed in her head, but she thought that was normal. The next day, she killed another boy. She savored the sounds and actions involved in the murder, but after he fell, she had a revelation. She had gone into the Games to be a champion for Panem and show the country's strength. She thought she would be adored, but when she looked at the boy, she realized she was dreaded. She had thought murder was a sign of strength, but she thought oft he family she tore apart and remembered her parents' stories of the Dark Days, when her own family had been fractured.

Megara stayed with the Careers after that, but only out of self-preservation. Before she had considered them friends, but she had come to see they would kill her as soon as anyone else. She ran from the Career battle and pretended to hunt the final Tributes, who died of natural causes.

Personality Edit

Megara is the embarrassment of the Career community. She is bitter, sarcastic, caustic, and jaded. Where she once trumpeted Career propaganda, she now hates anything to do with the Games and despises the Tributes foisted upon her to mentor. Only fear of repercussions keeps her from overt rebellion, and she is careful to toe the line while inwardly hating the Capitol. She is known to be a heavy drinker as she tries to block out the guilt from her actions.

Post-Games, Megara has defied every expectation of a Career Victor. She refuses to teach at the Academy and turns away anyone seeking advice or autographs. She is utterly divorced from Two culture and spends most of her time as a recluse in her home.

Successful Mentorships Edit

Pray Jager

Talent Edit


  • Megara actually cannot juggle. She said it was her talent because she had to say something. She is so unpopular she has never been asked to demonstrate her talent.
  • While Megara was Pray's official mentor, she takes no credit for her victory. Megara disliked Pray and did nothing to help her, hoping instead that she would die.