Miller Thresher was the male District Nine Tribute in the 24th Hunger Games.


Just when you thought he couldn't get worse

Background Edit

Miller was the son of the mayor of District Nine. He believed this entitled him to anything he wanted and this attitude made him the village dunce.

Games Description Edit

Miller charged into the Bloodbath, straight into Venus' throwing knife.

Placing Edit


First Resurrection Games Edit

Miller charged into the Bloodbath and was shot from behind by Diamond Kai's throwing star.

Placing Edit

54th of 54

Non-Careers Resurrection Games Edit

Miller fell off his platform and exploded.

Placing Edit

74th of 74

Personality Edit

Miller was unlikeable, unlovable, unbearable, unpleasant, and unhealthy.

Trivia Edit

  • Miller is the only Tribute in Games history to get last place three times.