Nassor Doyle, of District 9, is the Victor of the Forty-Fourth Hunger Games.

Backstory: Edit

Nassor is the middle child of triplets. His older brother, Kubo Doyle, was born nine minutes before Nassor. However, there were complications with the youngest brother, Arik. Due to poor medical care, his mother died due to internal bleeding. It was touch and go with Arik for many weeks after the birth but he pulled through.

Nassor and his brothers became almost like a local legend. It was very rare that twin survived in District Nine, let alone triplets due to the poor medical care and early births.

Their father refused to have anything to do with the three boys so their aunt and uncle decided to raise them.

About a year before his reaping, he started dating a girl named Henna. Things didn't work out and the relationship broke down. However, Henna started dating Nassor's younger brother, Arik. Nassor was hurt at first but quickly learned to be happy for his brother. However, not long after they got together, Henna started to show signs of pregnancy.

Arik thought it was his but Henna told Nassor that it was his. Nassor was over the moon, wanting nothing more than a son to love and treat right. However, Henna told him that she wanted the child to see Arik as his father and Nassor as nothing more than his uncle.

This hurt Nassor and until he was reaped, he didn't know how to go about it.

Nassor is an inventor and even made himself a flamethrower. He rarely uses it but he is proud of it and displays it in his house.

The Games Edit

Nassor was reaped but none of his brothers volunteered for him. HIs token was a note from his brothers. That morning, he was successful in building a lighter from things he found around his home.

Chariots: Edit

The Capitol was not impressed with Nassor's chariot outfit. Due to his stylists not thinking he has a chance in the arena, they didn't try with his costume. He was dressed as one of the worker from his District. He was dressed in a burlap suit with a burlap cap. On his back, he had a back full of different type of grains his District grows. He smiled and waved, even though he didn't like how he looked or how the itchy burlap felt against his skin.

Training: Edit

Nassor set out to try and find allies but failed, due to not knowing how to approach the idea with other tributes. For the Gamemakers, he took part in the agility course. He passed with flying colors, earning one of the highest scores for an outer tribute. However, he preferred to run from the trainers that attacked him, rather than stand and fight. This didn't affect his score though.

Games: Edit