Orchard Angelou is the Victor of the 1st Hunger Games.


The First Victor

Games Overview Edit

Arena: Flat grassy plain

Since Orchard's Games were the first, gameplay was unorthodox. When the gong rang, none of the Tributes knew what to do. Most of them thought the Capitol would not go through with it, and barely any of them moved toward the Cornucopia or each other. After a few minutes of inactivity, Peacekeepers were sent into the Arena and opened fire on the Tributes, killing most of them. The few survivors scattered. Orchard, fearing further repercussions if the Tributes continued not killing anyone, began to attack the survivors. She became the first Victor after two days in the Arena.

Personality: Edit

Orchard was severely affected by her time in the Arena and what she was forced to do in order to survive. However, it has been a long time since then, and she has largely made peace with it. She does not often talk about her Games, but she will if it will help her mentee.

Orchard is quiet and caring. She believes she has brought enough pain into the world and prefers a modest life as Victor. She channels her energy into giving her charges the best possible chance at coming home, and she does not hesitate to tell them that it might not be worth the cost.

Successful Mentorships: Edit

Peppermint Wilson

Talent: Edit

Wood carving

Trivia: Edit