Orland Corrado was the male tribute from District Ten, in the 43rd Hunger Games (Child's Play).

Orland had a peaceful life in District Ten. He spent most of his early life as a farm boy, growing up with the animals, and learning how to do the family's job.

His father was a bullrider and when Orland and his siblings were old enough, Toren Corrado taught his children how to do it.

Neither Brandon or Ami showed much interest in the sport, but Orland liked it, since he finally had something he could call his own.

He trained every day and by the time he turned eighteen years old, Orland had been in several competitions, being one of the best that District Ten had ever seen.

43rd Hunger Games Edit

Orland did not get along with his district partner, Mati, thinking she was too laid-back to ever make it far in the Games.

During the parade, Orland was dressed as an half-shirtless bullfighter. He focused on the survival skills, during training, while saving a bit of time for the weapons.

Orland made an an alliance with May, the female from District Seven. The two got along and while May was the impulsive one, Orland was there to calm her down.

Orland claimed that if they weren't in the Hunger Games, he might have fallen in love with May.

He scored a 7 in training and did well during his interview, claiming he would ride all the way to victory.

The arena was a candyland, with bags of candy being the only kind of supplies avaliable at the Cornucopia.

The plan was for May to get supplies, while Orland ran away, and waited for her away from the Cornucopia.

It worked out well and, on the way out, May managed to take out Shui Steiner, the male from District Two.

Orland and May got along well, as they had plenty of supplies, including a survival knife, a first-aid kit and a solar lantern.

They managed to survive for a few days, after finding soda, and living off the candy, as it was the only thing they had to eat.