Page Milani

Page Milani is the Victor of the 3rd Hunger Games.

Games Overview Edit

Arena: Canyon lined with caves

Page was more active in her Victory than some early Victors. She started to make a weapon on her first day in the Arena, twisting a rope out of vines and attaching it to a sharpened stick to make a spear she could pull back into her lair and reuse. Page killed for the first time on the second night in the Arena. She killed one more Tribute before it was just her and the boy from Twelve. He was hunting as well and came to her lair eventually, where she killed him before he saw her.

Personality Edit

Little is known about Page's personality. Since her mentee Tillo won,


Page's arena.

Page has retreated from the spotlight. She was less affected than most Victors by her time in the Arena, since she told herself the deaths were inevitable and truly caused by the Capitol. We do know that Page is methodical, practical, and unflappable. Other than her pension, her life has changed little since the Games.

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Drone Othmar

Tillo Peters

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