At the time of Games


Paul as an adult

Paul is the Victor of the 2nd Hunger Games

Games Overview Edit

Arena: Coniferous Woodland

Because of the Arena, Paul had a relatively easy time in his Games. He and his District partner climbed a tree and spent most of the Games hiding. Paul's partner was eventually killed by Careers while on a brief trip to the ground. Paul continued to hide until the rest of the Tributes died of natural causes.

Personality Edit

Paul is one of the more well-adjusted Victors, perhaps because he did not witness or participate in any deaths after the Bloodbath. He is open about his time in the Arena and enjoys a peaceful life in the Victors' Village of Seven. He is often found in the forests of Seven, chopping and processing lumber with the other citizens.

Successful Mentorships: Edit

Sequoia Wilson

Talent: Edit


Trivia: Edit

  • First Victor to win without any kills


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