Quora Liebniz is the Victor of the 7th Hunger Games.

Games Description Edit

Arena: Scrubland

Quora Liebniz at the time she volunteered

Makarios' victory set of the greatest District winning streak in Hunger Games history. One and Four had not yet developed their academies, and Two reigned as the unchallenged king of the Arena. Quora's partner was untrained, but she was ready. She took a more aggressive approach than her mentor Makarios- she wanted to not only win, but also dominate. She killed four Tributes in the Bloodbath and would have killed more than her eventual, record-setting total of seven if most of the Tributes had not died of dehydration.

Personality Edit

Quora prides herself on not caring about what others think, but this is not true. Her training and performance in the Games were driven by a desire to be respected and feared by her peers. Quora is driven to be the best and to beat others. If they are in the way of her goals, she will not hesitate to destroy them. If she was bothered by killing, she wouldn't have volunteered for the Games.

After her Victory, Quora threw herself into work at the Academy. She anticipated eventual competition from other Districts and worked to ensure Two's Academy would be ready. She worked as an instructor for many years and still serves as a consultant and occasional teacher. She is boundlessly proud of what her District has become and considers herself among the greatest people in Panem.

Successful Mentorships Edit

Doris Jones

Talent Edit

Animal training

Trivia Edit

  • Quora's first mentorship was successful, meaning she served as main female mentor for only one year