Ruby D'Arcy was the female District One Tribute for the First Quarter Quell.


A candid snap of Ruby

Pre-Games Life Edit

Ruby was the daughter of a rich man hated throughout the District for his arrogant attitude and disregard of others. For this and for no fault of her own, she was voted into the Quell.

Games Description Edit

Arena: War-torn wasteland

Ruby had the bad luck of being placed next to Nero Augustus of District Two during the Bloodbath. He immediately targeted her, breaking her back so she couldn't run away. He then started systematically breaking her limbs, but he was quickly interrupted by Eltara Vetirata of District One, who chided him for wasting time. After she shooed Nero away, Eltara quickly killed Ruby with her sickle.

Placing Edit


Personality Edit

Despite her father, Ruby was a sweet and friendly girl. She had no enemies of her own and was well-liked by people her own age.

Relationships Edit

Aurum Niteo Edit

Ruby's District partner initially started to woo her in order to annoy her elitist father, but they soon developed a real connection. It was cut short by Ruby's early death, and it is unknown what might have been.

Trivia Edit

  • Despite their appeal as a couple, Ruby and Aurum have not appeared in any Resurrection Games.