Sarla Mondins was the female District Five Tribute for the 24th Hunger Games.


Sarla in a simpler time

Background Edit

Sarla lived with her brother Daniel and their parents. She had an unremarkable life before she was Reaped at the age of fourteen.

Games Description Edit

Sarla lost her brother in the Bloodbath when he took a knife meant for her. As she mourned, fellow young Tribute Timber Jones met her in a tree and comforted her. They became allies, having already made friends in the Capitol. They remained together, enjoying a variety of sponsor gifts, until they were attacked by a crocodile mutt. Sarla was attacked first, and Timber rushed to her aid. They both died of their wounds, but not before Timber fatally wounded the mutt.

Placing Edit

6th place

First Resurrection Games Edit

Despite Daniel's frantic rush to save her, Sarla was caught and killed in the Bloodbath by District One male Rapture Kai.

Placing Edit

53rd place

Non-Careers Resurrection Games Edit

Sarla against lost Daniel when he again died to save her. She remained on her own for a week after that, dodging the horrific mutts that stalked the Arena. She met Calista Corral of District Ten when Calista drew a horde of zombies away so Sarla could escape her tiny shelter tunnel underneath a mausoleum. The two remained allied until they were sniped to death by Frankie Disney's arrows.

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Personality Edit

Sarla was more sociable and friendly than Daniel. She trusted people easily and retained the childlike optimism Daniel worked so hard to protect. She went into the first Games dependent on him, but throughout the two Resurrection Games, she realized she was capable on her own and needed to be there for Daniel as much as he needed to be there for her. She has greatly grown over her lives and deaths and now behaves more like a woman than a girl.