Seeder Graze is the Victor of the 31st Hunger Games


Seeder years after her victory

Games Description Edit

Arena: Grassy rolling hills

Seeder approached the Games purely from a wilderness survival standpoint. She knew that most people died of natural causes, not violence, and she focused on that. As the Careers hunted and the others fled, Seeder hid in the grass and spent all her time maintaining a food and water intake. She obtained water by drinking the dew off plants and ate grass to absorb some small amount of energy. She saw little action during the Games and fantasized about eating the bison mutts that occasionally stampeded past. She won when the final remaining Tribute died of starvation.

Personality Edit

Seeder is a kind and gentle woman. She felt deeply for her competitors in the Arena and continues to sympathize with those she mentors. She does not hold the Games against anyone involved, even Careers, and knows that everyone has their own struggles.

Seeder received no injuries and saw little action in the Games, but they still deeply affected her. She is uneasy in wide open spaces and is afraid of cows, though that's not usually a problem. She has become even more sensitive to other people's feelings and is highly empathetic. She sometimes regrets that she won the Games, even though she killed no one, and wishes someone else had not had to die.

Since the Games, Seeder retreated to the Victor's Village and uses her pension to make it more homey. She often goes out into the District to socialize and enjoys inviting people to her house so she can share her wealth with them. Her house is rarely empty of at least one visitor.

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Trivia Edit

  • Seeder is food-insecure and always carries some sort of food with her
  • Even when she is the designated mentor for that year, Seeder acts more as a mother. Orchard handles the more violent advice.