Soleil contemplates her past

Soleil Pere is the Victor of the 22nd Hunger Games

Games Description Edit

Arena: Lake and forest

Soleil considered her chances of survival nonexistent. At the Bloodbath, she risked grabbing a bad because she did not think she would live either way. The bag contained nothing but a compass and matches. Fearing the crowds around the lake in the center of the Arena, Soleil ran through the woods and settled by a smaller pond.

Ten days into the Games, the last of Soleil's hope died. Feeling that death was near and terrified of meeting a violent end, she lit a match and held it to the flammable sap of a pine tree, intending to set the Arena on fire and go up in the blaze. She watched the flames grow but became fearful when they started to multiple rapidly. Survival instincts drove her into her pond and she gasped for breath as the smoke and flames grew into an inferno around her, consuming the Arena and killing all the other remaining Tributes.

Personality Edit

Before the Games, Soleil was a poetic, artistic soul. She spent her life enjoying the beauty of the world and trying to add to it. She was shy around other people and feared they didn't like her, so she spent most of her time alone. She didn't think of herself as anything special and never imagined she could win the Games.

Post-Games, Soleil has suffered much guilt and regret over the fire she started. With the help of a therapist, she has made great progress and enjoys a healthy mental state. Curiously, she is not afraid of fire, only smoke. Tragically, the smoke of the fire damaged Soleil's once angelic singing voice. Now, she speaks with a permanent rasp.

Successful Mentorships Edit

Sky Levings

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Trivia Edit

  • Because of Soleil's frightened reaction to the fire she started, the Gamemakers assumed it was accidental and did not credit her with the deaths it caused. She has never told anyone that she was attempting suicide.