Spencer Wire was the male District Three Tribute in the 24th Hunger Games.


Spencer was underweight but not emaciated

Background Edit

Spencer was born the second of twins. His older brother Eli was murdered by a street gang seeking food when the boys were eight. Spencer's mother, already a fragile woman, was overcome with the stress of losing her son and raising her remaining boy alone. She left him at the District orphanage and committed suicide shortly after. Spencer spent the rest of his childhood at the orphanage until he was Reaped at the age of fifteen.

Games Description Edit

Spencer completely avoided the Bloodbath, avoiding the temptation to run in for any supplies whatsoever. He ran into trouble on the second day when it became necessary to find water. Since he had no purification supplies, he took a risk and drank the dirty water that made up the Arena floor. After trying unsuccessfully to find edible plants, Spencer caught a frog. He was unable to bring himself to eat it raw and instead dried it until it became more appetizing.

As Spencer ate, he received a sponsor gift of a hunting knife and sandwhich, which was a great improvement on the frog.

Six days into the Games, Spencer crossed paths with Ever Fellows of District Seven. The pair regarded each other warily and Ever began to back away. However, a cluster of birds burst into the air and Spencer mistook the commotion for an attack on Ever's part. He charged forward to defend himself and was speared to death by Ever in the fight.

Placing Edit


Personality Edit

Spencer was an enigma during the Games, since he preferred to keep to himself. He refused to play on his tragic background to gain sponsors, choosing instead to act like his normal, feisty self. He was resourceful and used to the unexpected, so adapting was easy for him.

Despite his poor upbringing and limited access to luxuries, Spencer enjoyed working on his appearance and had an eye for fashion and makeup.

Trivia Edit

  • Spencer took meticulous care of his hair and was endlessly inventive in finding things to use as hair gel. His preferred technique involved eggs and toner.