Taylor Nettle was the female District Eight Tribute for the First Quarter Quell.


Taylor on her 12th birthday

Pre-Games Life Edit

Taylor's selection for the Quell was perhaps the biggest and most unexplained tragedy of the Games. The 13-year-old did nothing to warrant any votes. She lived a normal life and wasn't even widely known among the District. It is conjectured there were no likely candidates for selection and the scattered votes happened to converge upon Taylor.

Games Description Edit

Arena: War-torn wasteland

Taylor knew the odds were steeply against her and did not take any chances at the Bloodbath. She immediately fled, but it did her no good. She was spotted and run down by Eltara Vetirata of District Two, who killed her with a sickle.

Placing Edit


Personality Edit

By all accounts, Taylor was a well-behaved, well-adjusted child. She was friendly to everyone she met and enjoyed normal childhood things like school and playing games.

Trivia Edit

  • Taylor's token was her mother's wedding ring.