Timber Jones was the male District Seven Tribute in the 24th Hunger Games.


Timber after the stylists got ahold of his hair

Background Edit

Timber lived with his older brother Roul with their parents in District Seven. Due to his small size, he was often bullied by other children and relied on his brother for protection. He was shocked when Roul did not volunteer for him, but forgave him when he learned it was because Roul's girlfriend was pregnant.

Games Description Edit

In the Capitol, Timber quickly became friends with Sarla Mondins, but he was too afrad of her brother to ask if he could ally with them.

Shortly after the Bloodbath, Timber found Sarla crying in a tree. She told him about Daniel's death and he said they could be allies and stay together. He shared the supplies he'd taken at the Bloodbath- a canteen and some granola bars- and they moved deeper into the Arena. The Capitolites were enamored with the cute young allies and kept them supplied with a steady stream of food and water filters.

When Sarla was attacked by a crocodile mutt, Timber leaped to her aid. As the monster mauled him, Timber hit it in the eye with an axe, penetrating its skull and killing it. He crawled to Sarla's side and they bled out together.

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Personality Edit

Despite his small size, Timber was courageous and optimistic. He was unconfident in his own strength, due to years of bullying, but he soldiered on despite that. He was very curious and read any book he could find that told him anything about the Games.