Valencia Widad was the female District One Tribute in the 24th Hunger Games.


Valencia wearing her usual amount of makeup

Games Description Edit

Valencia was a Career in name only. Though she was allied with the Careers, she did not participate in the Bloodbath. After the fight was over, she set up shop in the Cornucopia, taking care of the cooking and tending to her boyfriend of convenience, Royal Spinel.

Despite receiving a whip as a sponsor gift a few days into the Games, Valencia shied away from fighting. Her only act of aggression was to kill Royal in his sleep, as she had been planning since the start. She had enjoyed his company, but she knew the reality of the Games. After killing Royal, Valencia attempted to continue her streak by killing Venus Lorieta. Venus was no fool and saw it coming. She easily killed Valencia when the girl bent close.

Placing Edit


Personality Edit

Valencia knew how to get ahead in life and did not hesitate to use her advantages. She cultivated her attractive looks in order to gain assistance from shallow men. She reasoned that men who went after women for their looks deserved women who went after men for their money. She had no Academy training but still maneuvered her way into the Career pack by her relationship with Royal.