Valerie Fallow was the female District Twelve Tribute for the 24th Hunger Games.


Valerie about to repeat a juicy rumor

Background Edit

Valerie was generally tolerated in Twelve, but she had a reputation for being a huge gossip.

Games Description Edit

Valerie allied with District partner Aspen Matthews. They declined to participate in the Bloodbath and made their camp at the bottom of a tree. Due to Aspen's popularity in the Capitol, they received a moderate amount of sponsor gifts. Valerie received a whip and a note from her mentor telling her to learn. She tried, but did not have enough time to make significant progress. She and Aspen spent their time hiding and cheering each other up until they were found and killed by Venus Lorieta.

Placing Edit


Personality Edit

Despite her rough edges, Valerie was a nice girl. She had difficulty with sharing and with thinking before she spoke, though. She was an attentive student, even though she spent her time between classes hunting for gossip.

Trivia Edit

  • Valerie's favorite subject was art.